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Custom NEMT Software

We worked with Basin Medical Transportation to build an efficient, functional software.

For Basin Medical Transportation, we build a software to model and automate many of their processes. They are a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company serving a very large portion of Oregon. We recognize their impact on the community and wanted to help them be as efficient as possible so they can help more customers.

The old system was based in Access and involved many manual processes. We scrapped the entire system and restarted from scratch. It made the most sense for us to build a web-based system since they’d be using desktops, tablets, and phones. We used a python-based backend called Django that allowed us to efficiently build out an application that supported the majority of their functions including:

  • Import/Export of trips from trip brokers
  • Updating trip attributes such as pickup time, driver assignment, and vehicle.
  • Automatic calculation of trip mileage
  • Automated billing using rule based matching with export functionality to match trip brokers requirements
  • Dispatch, billing, and driver view (for drivers to update their own trips)

We still have a great relationship with Basin Medical Transportation and have performed many upgrades since the alpha version. We have added:

  • Faster processing of imports (using Celery and Redis)
  • Advanced system monitoring (using Sentry)
  • Automated sync from various trip brokers with schedule monitoring (using Selenium and Sentry)
  • Improved form input with validation (using htmx)
  • Maps view (using Google Maps API)
  • Simplified rate, driver, and vehicle interfaces
  • Support for many trip brokers
  • Automatic shared ride linking for TransLink rides
  • Faster update deployments and infrastructure (using Railway)

This software has greatly benefited Basin Medical. They can use it to test impacts of rate changes, find areas for improvement, prevent mistakes, and most importantly, get to focus on running a business instead of being data entry.

We have many more features we’re excited to add in the future! This software is flexible enough to be used for any transportation industry. If you’re interested, please contact us.


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