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Medical Transportation Software Project
Basin Medical Transportation

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Basin Medical Transportation Services provides medical transportation services to Southern Oregon. From doctors appointments to pharmacy pickups, they’re here to help the community. TransLink is a medical transportation coordination company, providing trips to companies like Basin Medical Transportation. The tools provided by TransLink didn’t quite meet the needs of the client, prompting for software development.

User Friendly Design

Developed for Desktops, Laptops, and iPads for maximum convenience. Icons and images help provide context without utilizing unnecessary space.


This project allows the users to import the data provided from TransLink to greatly increase their efficiency. During import, Google Maps data is added to the trips to provide mileages and expected travel times.


By utilizing formulas and calculations, excess overhead is no longer a need. Billing is as simple as the click of a couple buttons, errors are programmatically identified, and trips are easily assignable. The drivers each have their own login with a portal to access their assigned trips.

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