What We Do

Make The Right Decision. Once.

Don’t guess what changes to make. Understand key processes, performance improvement potential, and cut costs all by using data from your key business systems. Don’t have one? Custom software creates consistent, streamlined processes to help grow without unnecessary overhead and costs.

What We Can Do For You

Healthcare Analytics

Improve patient outcomes and decrease overhead utilizing data.

Data Analytics

Answer questions and improve decision making outcomes by utilizing data from business systems.

Business Intelligence

Visualize processes, weaknesses, and opportunities through data.


Software Engineering

Boost efficiency through custom software modeled to your business needs and workflows.

Web Development

Improve customer engagement, awareness, and branding through a custom website to beautifully represent your public image.

Web Hosting

Improve site performance, uptime, and ease with our managed website hosting services.

Would you rather base your decisions on a hunch, theory, or facts? By utilizing data to make decisions, you can target the correct customers, increase revenue, decrease costs, and increase overall growth.

You might be asking yourself, “Where do I start?”. It might seem overwhelming to change the way you make your decisions. That’s why we help business adopt a business-based culture, so analyzing data before making a decision is second nature. Employees from administrative staff to executives can utilize reports, dashboards, and data findings to guide them in the decision making process.

The thing that really helps data shine is that most analytics are based on patterns. This allows for identifying problem areas as well as predicting future outcomes. This could include measuring performance, revenue, costs, or any other data point and then to break it down by individual, team, company, state, or country. Contact us today to learn more about implementing a data driven culture.

Data can be complicated, stressful, and confusing. Without the right tools, data is just data, not information. Business Intelligence tools and processes allow users to view and interact with the data, allowing for a higher adoption in the data driven culture. From individual reports to company-wide dashboards, every employee, customer, and executive can understand more about the company.

Many companies utilize Excel or graphing utility to create reports for meetings and presentations. Why create a static report that requires manual updates when you could generate a report able to be run at the user’s desire? This reduces costs and increases report accuracy, which will inspire the usage and growth of data.

Once you’ve adopted a Business Intelligence system, the sky’s the limit on measuring performance, predictions, and data visualization. Contact us today to help inspire data through visualization in your company.

Time is money. Why spend time as a business owner repeating tasks day after day? Why spend money on employees repeating the same processes over and over when they could help you grow your business?

Software is proven to help you grow your business. Adopting a business system is one of the most important first steps for businesses in today’s market. However, sometimes you might be a niche market or struggle finding a system. Fortunately, custom software is capable of completing any process, workflow, or task efficienctly, effectively, and accurately.

For over six years, Visser Analytics has developed custom software for schools, government facilities, and small businesses. These clients have seen tremendous increases in efficiency, performance, and client satisfaction. Schedule a meeting today to learn how to grow your business through software.

Does your company sell products, services, or ideas? If yes, promoting your company online through a website is a critical next step. A website not only represents products or services, but it represents who you and your company are in a highly-accessible format

Marketing your company with properly designed Search Engine Optimization allows for engaging with new customers organically. Once the customer finds your product page, you want them to be able to find and purchase the products they need quickly them looking elsewhere.

We design fast, accessible sites designed around your personality and business style. Our sites provide a user-friendly experience on all platforms including mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Whether you want to sell products online or promote services, we can build you the site of your dreams at a competitive rate. Contact us today to start growing your business online.

Tired of worrying about site uptime, performance, and all the technology that goes with it? Let us host your site for you. We monitor sites 24/7 to ensure proper performance and availability to keep your site performing at its best.

We use Amazon servers paired with several technologies such as Redis, Varnish Caching, and CloudFlare CDN to ensure the best possible user experience.