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Being a business owner in today’s age is tough. Understanding all of the technologies needed to accomplish your goals, reduce bottlenecks, and gain insights into your valuable data isn’t as simple as many would like it to be. Visser Analytics removes these barriers by developing tools and utilizing systems to not only identify problems but create solutions. The last thing you want to have to worry about is metrics, reports, and analytics architecture. We’re here to help! Contact us today to see how we can work together.

What We Can Do For You

Healthcare Analytics

Utilize data to understand your hospital, clinic, or practice to make positive changes and improve quality of care.

Data Analytics

Answer questions and improve decision making outcomes by utilizing data from business systems.

Business Intelligence

Understand your processes, weaknesses, and opportunities through data-driven metrics.


Big Data Development

Incorporate data from multiple systems to validate processes and identify improvement opportunities.

Software Engineering

Boost efficiency through custom software modeled to your business needs and workflows.

Web Development

Improve customer engagement, awareness, and brand through a custom website to beautifully represent your public image.

Web Hosting

Constantly worrying about if your site is up, performance, and traffic? Let us host your site using our servers with 99.9% uptime and included maintenance.


Web Migration

Tired of your current hosting uptime or lack of responses? Let us help you migrate to your own hosting solution.

Industries Using Data To Drive Decisions


Hospitals, Clinics, and Private Practices have been utilizing data for some time now. From quality metrics to cost cutting, analytics helps set achievable targets, identify anomalies, and provide insight for clinical staff and management. 

Medical Transport / Transportation

Transportation companies have a lot of pressure to not only offer the highest quality of customer care but provide it at competitive rates. Through analytics, companies are able to make rate adjustments that cover costs without bankrupting customers.

Retail / Sales

Understanding current market trends, competition, and company metrics is not a small task. Utilizing market analysis studies, services, and tools can provide companies what to produce to have the upper-hand on the competition.

Customer Service

Measuring your customer satisfaction is one of the easiest ways to understand your public image. Identifying areas for improvement such as hold time, resolution rates, and return rates using data can provide insights impossible to see otherwise.

We’ll Help You Take Your Business To The Next Level

Technology can be complicated, difficult, and scary to many business owners. That’s why at Visser Analytics, we help you build what may seem impossible. Nowadays, almost any tech need you can think of is achievable so let’s talk about accomplishing the impossible.

Access Your Content Anywhere

Each product is developed with the goal of ease and accessibility.


What Customers Say About Us

Timothy helped my business by re-creating my website, turning it into a much more polished and professional appearing site. He is very accessible for any changes or edits I wanted to make as well. Visser Analytics is highly recommended to any business desiring to improve their public appearance, or requiring data analytics. 
Randy Visser

Owner, Integrity Wellness

Made our system work more efficient, saved us time and money. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing a new software or upgrade.
Gary Mead

Owner, Basin Medical Transportation Services

Timothy made the whole process very simple and I’m extremely happy with the finish site

Tom Mathias

Owner, Bear Valley Construction

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