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Our Mission 

Companies, big and small, are looking for ways to grow. Whether your company is looking to increase quality, demand, revenue, PR, or decrease costs, waste, or unnecessary overhead, data provides tools and insights to things we, as humans, can’t see.

Visser Analytics was founded to bring a creative approach to complex problems. From custom software applications to advanced big data analytics, we provide tools to help you reach your vision and measure your success along the way. We believe in our clients, partners, and team that every member brings something incredibly valuable to the table and we’re excited to show you what we bring.


Our Values

We value your business. Here’s why we believe you can value ours.


We promise to make every encounter positive, respectful, and professional. Our goal is for your to feel comfortable, confident, and trust our company.

Quality of Work

We promise to make every project thoughtful, impactful, and beneficial.


We promise to remain consistent so you can trust you’ll receive what we offer.


A tool isn’t a solution if it doesn’t solve your problem. We build solutions without creating needs for more tools. Everything we build completes the needs of the customer with the ability of expanding to adapt as you do.

Our Team

Timothy Visser

Timothy Visser

Founder / Solution Specialist

My name is Timothy. I’m the founder of Visser Analytics, an IT consulting company out of Bend, Oregon. My vision is to help companies adopt and embrace technology to help grow their business, improve efficiency, and maximize their potential. Technology can be difficult to integrate, which is why, as a consultant, I work side by side with all my clients to make sure the solution I provide suites them perfectly. I have a wide variety of technical skills including system administration, data analytics, data engineering, and full-stack software development. I have a real passion for technology and love to help others see what their business could become. If you have any questions, please reach out via the contact form or LinkedIn.

This Could Be You

This Could Be You

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Are you a self-motivated individual? Do you want to set your own schedule? Do you like working with others in a professional manner? We’re seeking a highly drive individual to work on projects with our clients and expand our client base! Contact us today to find out more.