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Elevate your online presence with our cutting-edge hosting solutions designed to provide more than just server space.

At Visser Analytics, we understand that your website’s performance is crucial to your success. Our hosting services go beyond basic server functionality; we provide a robust platform that ensures reliability, security, and optimal performance. Trust us to be the backbone of your digital presence, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Why choose Visser Analytics for your website hosting needs? Because we prioritize your peace of mind. Our hosting services include 24/7 monitoring, advanced security protocols, and a commitment to ensuring your website remains online and accessible at all times. From small businesses to large enterprises, our hosting solutions cater to all, offering scalable and flexible options to suit your unique requirements.

Ready to experience hassle-free and high-performance website hosting? Connect with Visser Analytics today, and let’s ensure your website finds its ideal home in the digital realm. Your online success story begins with reliable and secure hosting solutions from Visser Analytics.

How Web Hosting Can Help


99.9% Uptime


24/7 Monitoring


Updates / Security Monitoring


Performance Optimized


Technical Support


Google Analytics / Business Integration

The Process


Information Gathering

Before we can start with the fun stuff, we need to understand you and your goals. Have thousands of customers? Have an online business? Have streaming services? Great! We’ll tailor our hosting options to ensure your extremely satisfied.


Prep Migration

With a custom hosting option selected, we’ll need access to your site to ensure your plugins, themes, licensing, etc will transfer properly. If they won’t, no worries! We can help reinstall/reconfigure the plugins. To do this, we’ll need access to your site so we can ensure your satisfaction.


Site Migration

At this point, we’ll migrate a copy of your site to our servers. Your existing site will remain online during this process to ensure your customers don’t miss any of your great site. We’ll test compatibility, performance, and make any changes desired.



Go Live!

Once we have your approval, we’ll work together to bring your creation online. This means we’ll need to change your A record with your registrar (we’re happy to help guide you with this).



We want your site to be as performant as can be! In this phase, we’ll configure our monitoring systems to make sure nothing goes unnoticed. We’ll setup browser and server caching to ensure your delivery to the page is quick and doesn’t ding your Google PageSpeed score. Keep in mind not every site was made equal and a perfect score is not guaranteed but we’ll tune it as much as possible!

Hosting Solutions