Software Engineering

Make The Right Decision. Once.

Data Analytics has the power to grow your business with insights into your underlying problems, inefficiencies, and growth potentials. There’s a reason thousands of companies are heavily investing in their data. It’s not too late to start your data journey. Contact us to learn more!

How Software Engineering Can Help


Boost Efficiency


Improve Accuracy


Reduce Risk of Error


Minimize Overhead


Measure / Improve Performance


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Time is money. Why spend time as a business owner repeating tasks day after day? Why spend money on employees repeating the same processes over and over when they could help you grow your business?

Software is proven to help you grow your business. Adopting a business system is one of the most important first steps for businesses in today’s market. However, sometimes you might be a niche market or struggle finding a system. Fortunately, custom software is capable of completing any process, workflow, or task efficienctly, effectively, and accurately.

For over six years, Visser Analytics has developed custom software for schools, government facilities, and small businesses. These clients have seen tremendous increases in efficiency, performance, and client satisfaction. Schedule a meeting today to learn how to grow your business through software.

The Process


Information Gathering

Understanding your current processes, systems, and goals is the first step to a successful journey. This ensures the software fits your company’s goals and workflows.



To ensure the software will follow the most efficient processes, we then build diagrams showing how the software will work. Depending on the project, this might include workflow diagrams, CRC cards, database diagrams (ERD), and other models to help visualize the new processes.


"Rough Drafts"

With the models complete, we will develop a beta version of the software. This will be a working prototype to test and provide feedback on.



Using the feedback from the prior step, the finished product will be developed. This will include any additional requirements not met in the previous steps additional change request items.



At this point, the product is completely developed and ready for testing. We will work with you and your team to ensure this meets your needs and no additional features are required.


Go Live

We then migrate your system to a live environment using the hosting provider and technologies agreed upon in the initial agreement.