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A and B Central Storage Custom Website

We worked with A&B Central Storage to build a beautiful, functional website.

A&B wanted to update their vendor website, but the vendor didn’t support it. After much consideration and talking back and for with the vendor, Quikstor, we came to the conclusion we could use webscraping to “sync” the sites. That would allow us to build a separate site fully controlled by the customer but with the content necessary for customers to book a reservation on the vendor application.

Every hour, our system “crawls” the vendor site and creates an entry on the A&B website. The link takes you directly to the bookings page so there’s no need to navigate outside of the site. The best part of this is it’s all self contained within the WordPress eco system so it’s easy to maintain, support, and tweak. We really enjoy projects like this where we get to be creative and solve more complex problems. If you need something similar (or very different), please contact us!


Modernize Layout

Help clientele find services

Increase website traffic

Create a professional looking site

Automate inventory syncing

The Result

Home Page

A and B Central Storage Full Home Page scaled

Vendor Page

A and B Central Storage Vendor Site scaled